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MBBS,MD, DM(Cardiology)

Dr Vikash Goyal is an experienced cardiologist with 15 years of overall medical experience, including six years as a specialist. He is renowned as one of the best cardiologists in Gurugram and provides comprehensive care for a wide range of heart conditions. With a focus on cardiology, Dr Vikash Goyal has developed expertise in diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular disorders. His specialised knowledge enables him to accurately identify and manage chest pain, heart conditions, hypertension, and other cardiac issues. As an experienced cardiologist, he understands the importance of early detection and timely intervention in preventing severe complications. Dr Vikash Goyal adopts a patient-centric approach to medicine, prioritising thorough evaluations and personalised treatment plans for each individual. His diagnostic techniques include state-of-the-art tests and procedures that aid in accurate diagnosis and assessment of cardiac health. He can provide an in-depth understanding of his patient's heart function through advanced imaging techniques and specialised tests.

Strategically located to serve patients in Alaknanda, Ashram, Badarpur, Batla-House, Bharat-Nagar, Chirag-Enclave, Chittaranjan-Park, C-R-Park, East-Of-Kailash, and Friends-Colony, Dr. Vijaya Rajakumari ensures accessible and expert care for individuals seeking transplant surgery solutions.

  • Regarding treatment, Dr Vikash Goyal offers comprehensive care options tailored to each patient's needs. From medication management to advanced therapies, he ensures that his patients receive the most suitable treatment for their condition. With his vast experience, he guides patients through their treatment journey with compassion and dedication.
  • As an experienced cardiologist in Gurugram, Dr Vikash Goyal has built a reputation for delivering exceptional care and improving the lives of his patients. By combining his expertise with a patient-focused approach, he provides comprehensive care that instils confidence in his patients.